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Anti-liquor agitations in Tamilnadu

Indian Party for Development and Democracy (IPDD) would not launch violent or peaceful agitations against the government demanding closure of liquor shops and bringing prohibition in the state. Closure of liquor shops would not make addicts to give up drinking. They will find other sources. So IPDD would organize party workers and common people to gather peacefully around the liquor shops and plead with the customers going to the shops, to desist from drinking. IPDD would also arrange for establishment of de-addiction centres with the assistance of philanthropists, and also find other ways of weaning away the addicts from drinking. IPDD firmly believes that when hundreds of volunteers plead, at least a few would listen and give up drinking alcohol. If this is continued on holidays for a few months, liquor related sad events will decrease. The peaceful gatherings should only be on holidays so that production of goods and services do not suffer.
The anti-liquor agitations should mainly aim at reforming the addicts. Once the number of customers for a liquor shop comes down drastically, the shop will automatically be close