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Elimination of corruption

If the INDIAN PARTY FOR DEVELOPMENT AND DEMOCRACY(IPDD) were in power applicants for any approval or service from government would need to contact only the approving authority. All clearances will be obtained by the approving authority. For example, for approval for running the school, the school administration will apply only to the Education authorities (DEO/CEO) and the latter will make references to fire service, health department and Thasildar for their clearances. The applicant will contact only the Education authorities and no other authorities. Thus there will be no possibilities for corruption in other departments like fire, health and revenue. These authorities cannot also delay their clearance beyond the time stipulated by Education authorities. Similarly for industrial licences, applicants would need to contact only the industry department. The sub-registrar who registers the transfer(sale/purchase) of land will be responsible for changing the Patta also by the revenue department and for changing electricity service in the name of new owner of the property. The new owner wprocedures,ould need to contact only the sub-registrar..

At present the servicing department makes references to several departments even when there is no need to make references. The servicing department also asks for several documents and information which could be avoided. IPDD government will review the procedures with a view to reduce the documents and information to be provided by applicants. This will  eliminate/ minimise delay and chances for corruption.

IPDD government will extend concessions,subsidies etc.to all people irrespective of caste, religion, income level, region/nativity etc and thus no one would need caste certficate, income certificate, nativity certificate  etc. and the chances of  corruption in issuing these certificates will be eliminated.

A large number of jobs will be created both in the purblic and private sector and there will be  no difference in the  salaries level. Corruption in recruitment will be eliminated all together.

Issue of licences and permits where unavoidable will be transparent and reasons for awarding or refusing licence etc will be recorded clearly and these records will be available for public to see.

Even when a decision of an authority later on  proves to be wrong, when taken in good faith will not be questioned.

The above measures will reduce corruption to a large extent.