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Administrative Economic Reforms

Certain simple basic administrative reforms  will have great impact on the economy. INDIAN PARTY FOR DEVELOPMENT AND DEMOCRACY(IPDD) is of the view that retirement age of employees in the government and private sector should be increased by 2 years considering also, the increase in the longevity  in India.Central and State Governments need not recruit any employee for two years leading to savings. The governments need not sanction new pension to any employee for two years. This will add to the savings. The government will pay pension for shorter(by two years) periods.

At present fresh Government Clerks, Elementary School teachers, Constables, etc. are drawiing more salary than many fresh software engineers, This is not fair. Since the salaries of existing officials should not be changed to their disadvantage, IPDD is of the view that lower posts of Assistant Clerks, Asst. Teachers, etc. should be created with substantially lower salaries. The present officials should be given higher responsibilities and the new recruits should have the current responsibilities of Clerks etc. The present  posts of Clerks etc.should be promotion posts for new officials. By this way, government can effect savings. Those possessing minimum academic qualifications should be preferred, for those with higher educational qualifications as the latter  may not take the work seriously.

Promotions should be made purely on merit. At present promotion for most of the posts is by seniority and hence officers do not take much interest in their work.

The promotions should be made purely by merit.