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Scholarships for students-on merit

If Indian Party for Development and Democracy were in power:

1. government would sanction full fees concession and scholarships to cover educational expenses as well as mess charges to all students irrespective of the community and the income of the parents. A student from rich family secures very high marks, it is the duty of the government to encourage him to study better by offering  fee concession and scholarship.

2,the government will not give fee concession or scholarships even to backward community students and poor students if they are not doing well in studies.  But at the same time, their interests will be ascertained and  they will be encouraged to pursue  those interests- such as  vocational studies, setting up small business, undertaking agriculture, manufacturing on a samll scale etc.

3.The amount of the scholarships will be so much that the students need not depend on the parents for expenses on education.

4. The students will automatically get fee concession if their marks are above certain level. They need not even apply for the same.