Modification of weather

India is said to be fairly good in space science, atomic science and ocean science and technology.Indian Party for Development and Democracy is of the view, that experiments should be undertaken on a large scale to make artificial rains, for reducing atmospheric temperatures during hot summers ,increasing temperatures during cold winters, other modifications of weather like controlling, preventing/inducing storms etc. Some operations/experiments are already being undertaken in certain parts of the world and the aim of the proposed experiments is to refine these technologies.

Anti-liquor agitations in Tamilnadu

Indian Party for Development and Democracy (IPDD) would not launch violent or peaceful agitations against the government demanding closure of liquor shops and bringing prohibition in the state. Closure of liquor shops would not make addicts to give up drinking. They will find other sources. So IPDD would organize party workers and common people to gather peacefully around the liquor shops and plead with the customers going to the shops, to desist from drinking. IPDD would also arrange for establishment of de-addiction centres with the assistance of philanthropists, and also find other ways of weaning away the addicts from drinking. IPDD firmly believes that when hundreds of volunteers plead, at least a few would listen and give up drinking alcohol. If this is continued on holidays for a few months, liquor related sad events will decrease. The peaceful gatherings should only be on holidays so that production of goods and services do not suffer.
The anti-liquor agitations should mainly aim at reforming the addicts. Once the number of customers for a liquor shop comes down drastically, the shop will automatically be close

Indian Party for Development and Democracy

If Indian Party for Development and Democracy were in power,

i.there will be no need for Community(Caste) Certificates as there would be no discrimination for or against any caste while extending concessions, benefits etc.

ii. There will be no need for Income Certificates as schemes/benefits to people will not be based on the income

iii.There will be no need for certificates as to Small Farmers, as all farmers will be treated alike

iv.there will be no need for applying for separate patta for land as this will be done automatically by the revenue department on forwaring purchase/sale deed from the office of Sub-Registrar.

v. there will be no need for applying for name change for electricity servce as electricity board will automatically change the name on receipt of copy of sale/purchase deed from the office of Sub-Registrar

vi. There will be no need for ration cards as there will be no ration.. All able bodied people will be provided employment with decent salary. Those unable to do any work will be provided food, clothing, shelter in hostels financed by government.

vii. There will be no need for cooking gas cards, as everyone will be able to buy cooking gas in the open market. Since there is shortage of cooking gas, government itself in the initial stage produce and distribute biogas, solar cookers, solar heaters, etc.

viii.there will be no need for environment clearance, as government will itself prevent pollution on collection of fee from industries just as garbage is collected by local bodies.

ix.there will be no need for applicants for licences/permissions to obtain and forward to the licence/approval issuing authorities No Objection Certificates from various offices like fire department, thasildar’s office. Village Administrative Officer, health department, etc., as these will be obtained directly by licence/approval issuing office.

x. there will be no need for the public to visit any government office personally for any service, as applications can be sent by post or online and the approval/certificat will be sent by post or by email.

xi. there will be no need to go to government office or bank to make any payment to the government as cvomputer centres will make payments electronically after receiving cash/cheque etc from applicants

xii.there will be no corruption, as in most cases, applicants do not meet the officials and the possibilities of officials asking bribe is almost nil.

xiii.There will be no overloading in trains, buses, trucks etc, as additional trains,buses, trucks will be deployed and roads will be wider and thee will be additional rail lines.

xiv. there will be no need for reservation in government jobs for any community as there will be adequate jobs in the public and private sector and the salary level and other facilities in these sectors will be more or less same.

xv.there will be no need for government to extend subsidies to farmers,consumers etc as the prices will be allowed to be determined by market forces. Only in unusual circumstances,the government would interfere.

xvi.there will be no power-cuts as adequate power will be generated from non-conventional sources like sun, wind, waves, biomass, urban waste/garbage etc. all cities, towns and major panchayats, electric trains/buses will be run.

Scholarships for students-on merit

If Indian Party for Development and Democracy were in power:

1. government would sanction full fees concession and scholarships to cover educational expenses as well as mess charges to all students irrespective of the community and the income of the parents. A student from rich family secures very high marks, it is the duty of the government to encourage him to study better by offering  fee concession and scholarship.

2,the government will not give fee concession or scholarships even to backward community students and poor students if they are not doing well in studies.  But at the same time, their interests will be ascertained and  they will be encouraged to pursue  those interests- such as  vocational studies, setting up small business, undertaking agriculture, manufacturing on a samll scale etc.

3.The amount of the scholarships will be so much that the students need not depend on the parents for expenses on education.

4. The students will automatically get fee concession if their marks are above certain level. They need not even apply for the same.

Increasing number of working days for public and private sector employees.

If the Indian Partyfor Development and Democracy were in power, the government would restore the old system wherein government employees, employees of banks, factories etc. worked for 6 days in a week, but for shorter periods i.e. about 7 hours for 6 days against 8 hours for 5 days in a week at present. This is to ensure that the production of goods and services is increased and also work culture is nurtured. The productivity of the employees in India is at present low compared to employees in other developing countries like Vietnam. Further with higher number of holidays in a week, employees’ interests are diverted and they tend to spend time even in offices in discussing politics, films, sports etc. Deep knowledge on politics, films, sports etc. is not a virtue to be acquired at the expense of office work.

The IPDD government would also not facilitate employees spending time on internet while in office.At present most of  the employees have access to internet and this not only takes time from office work but also diverts the attention of employees from office work.

In the name of seeking people’s views on various issues, the central government is making people to spend more time on internet and less time on work. It is high time the government reviews its policy in this matter.

Elimination of corruption

If the INDIAN PARTY FOR DEVELOPMENT AND DEMOCRACY(IPDD) were in power applicants for any approval or service from government would need to contact only the approving authority. All clearances will be obtained by the approving authority. For example, for approval for running the school, the school administration will apply only to the Education authorities (DEO/CEO) and the latter will make references to fire service, health department and Thasildar for their clearances. The applicant will contact only the Education authorities and no other authorities. Thus there will be no possibilities for corruption in other departments like fire, health and revenue. These authorities cannot also delay their clearance beyond the time stipulated by Education authorities. Similarly for industrial licences, applicants would need to contact only the industry department. The sub-registrar who registers the transfer(sale/purchase) of land will be responsible for changing the Patta also by the revenue department and for changing electricity service in the name of new owner of the property. The new owner wprocedures,ould need to contact only the sub-registrar..

At present the servicing department makes references to several departments even when there is no need to make references. The servicing department also asks for several documents and information which could be avoided. IPDD government will review the procedures with a view to reduce the documents and information to be provided by applicants. This will  eliminate/ minimise delay and chances for corruption.

IPDD government will extend concessions,subsidies all people irrespective of caste, religion, income level, region/nativity etc and thus no one would need caste certficate, income certificate, nativity certificate  etc. and the chances of  corruption in issuing these certificates will be eliminated.

A large number of jobs will be created both in the purblic and private sector and there will be  no difference in the  salaries level. Corruption in recruitment will be eliminated all together.

Issue of licences and permits where unavoidable will be transparent and reasons for awarding or refusing licence etc will be recorded clearly and these records will be available for public to see.

Even when a decision of an authority later on  proves to be wrong, when taken in good faith will not be questioned.

The above measures will reduce corruption to a large extent.

Administrative Economic Reforms

Certain simple basic administrative reforms  will have great impact on the economy. INDIAN PARTY FOR DEVELOPMENT AND DEMOCRACY(IPDD) is of the view that retirement age of employees in the government and private sector should be increased by 2 years considering also, the increase in the longevity  in India.Central and State Governments need not recruit any employee for two years leading to savings. The governments need not sanction new pension to any employee for two years. This will add to the savings. The government will pay pension for shorter(by two years) periods.

At present fresh Government Clerks, Elementary School teachers, Constables, etc. are drawiing more salary than many fresh software engineers, This is not fair. Since the salaries of existing officials should not be changed to their disadvantage, IPDD is of the view that lower posts of Assistant Clerks, Asst. Teachers, etc. should be created with substantially lower salaries. The present officials should be given higher responsibilities and the new recruits should have the current responsibilities of Clerks etc. The present  posts of Clerks etc.should be promotion posts for new officials. By this way, government can effect savings. Those possessing minimum academic qualifications should be preferred, for those with higher educational qualifications as the latter  may not take the work seriously.

Promotions should be made purely on merit. At present promotion for most of the posts is by seniority and hence officers do not take much interest in their work.

The promotions should be made purely by merit.